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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

NH's RSA 207:4 needs to be repealed.

Unfortunately most people do not seem to know that hearing loss is cumulative. Having served in the US Army for 6 years, my hearing went from almost perfect, to barely inside the normal range. I have a hard time hearing high pitched sounds, except for the constant ringing in my ears. I usually have a hard time understanding my wife when she talks to me. Although some would contend that that isn't necessarily a bad thing, what if she were to say something important, and I were to think that she had said something completely different? The reason I am writing is that I would like help in my goal of repealing a state law that makes it illegal for hunters to take measures that reduce the noise that their firearms make. RSA 207:4 does nothing to reduce crime and serves no benefit to the people of New Hampshire. I have tried to explain this to many people, but my arguments seem to fall on deaf ears. Some legislators have told me that when you are hunting, you do not fire many rounds, so it doesn't cause a significant amount of hearing loss. Others have told me that Fish & Game would oppose it's repeal because they want to be able to hear the sound of the gun being fired. Some have even argued that if the use of suppressors while hunting were legalized, people would start using them for poaching. I ask that you read a study that was conducted by the Finnish government which is posted at the Suppressor Project Summary. It will tell you that "No suppressor or 'silencer' is able to prevent flight noise" and "Suppressors do not favour poaching since they have no effect on bullet noise." If a person were willing to break one law by poaching, what makes anyone think that another law would make him change his mind? Along the same lines, if a hunter decided to obey the law and buy a hunting license and follow game laws, what makes anyone think that allowing him to use a suppressor would make him decide to break the law? Why does the state prohibit people from protecting their hearing? I believe it is because of ignorance. Everything most people believe about suppressors or "silencers" was accrued from watching lousy movies and is based purely on fiction. Please work to repeal RSA 207:4, and help to reduce the need for hearing aids.



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