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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

NFA laws are stupid, and need to be repealed.

I believe that freedom was unjustly taken away from all of us by foolish lawmakers long before I was born. Do you believe that we should just sit idly by while Americans' rights are being trampled by those who are paid with taxes that we are forced to pay to enforce unjust and unconstitutional laws? There are far too many foolish laws on the books now. For instance, sound suppressors, which serve to protect the hearing of the user and those around him when it is attached to a firearm, are strictly regulated, and those who buy them are required to go through an array of red tape and pay a $200 tax each time one is sold. Possession of just a piece of a suppressor can get someone thrown in prison. Also, shotguns with barrels under 18" and rifles with barrels under 16", although no more dangerous than one with a longer barrel, are restricted the same way that a suppressor is. Even a pistol with a forward vertical grip is heavily restricted, requiring lots of paperwork and a transfer or building tax. These laws serve no purpose but to put otherwise law abiding citizens in prison and to keep government spending high. It is sad that a person caught violating one of these NFA laws without committing any other crimes is often punished more harshly than many murderers. I believe that any law is unjust that prohibits a law abiding citizen from possessing or using anything that they are not using to cause harm to others. Now, are you going to just sit idly by allowing injustices to continue, or are you going to work to repeal these unjust and unconstitutional laws?

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Anonymous eric said...

Wow thats bad news about the police harassment. Its bad that a few crooked cops can tarnish the reputation of the entire U.S. police force. Ive experienced harassment by the police for DWT (driving while a teenager) had to undergo countless renadom searches, tickets for things i did not do, getting pulled over and searched, then asking what i did wrong, being told my inspection was expired, which it wasnt, telling the cop itwasnt, then having him walk off in mid conversation, probably to go harass more teens.

11:36 AM, April 14, 2006  

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